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From the time little girls can stand on their own two feet (however unstable), the appeal of mum’s high heels becomes all consuming. Also, at that very early age our dreams are pure and perfect – our imagination holds no bounds, and summer days are wiled away playing princess, tottering round in mum’s high heels and dreaming of the perfect wedding day – not necessarily at this stage with the perfect prince!

When I started my Boutique and the concept of Wedding Dresses Manchester, I wanted to help keep the dream of a perfect wedding alive – at the very least the perfect wedding dress. I love a fairy story, and I love a happy ending. Our online website – Wedding Dresses of Manchester – is to make it achievable for every new bride to get the dress of her dreams. We’ve been working hard to ensure our collection is available and affordable to all – without cutting corners. We have over 2,500 dresses in stock, over 3 floors.  Whilst we are at heart a ‘Wedding Boutique’ our online presence is growing and shopping for your perfect wedding dress inspiration should start with us.

At Wedding Dresses Manchester our aim is to keep your dream alive. As we grow older the perfect dreams become overtaken with reality.  However, when a proposal comes along the dreams become ‘real’ again – the princess fairy story ending we once dreamt about is about to come true. It’s exciting and thoughts turn to wedding dresses, colour schemes, the bridesmaids and honeymoons. It’s idyllic and exciting and daunting – in equal measures.

So, what happens when you start to look at wedding dresses?  There is so much choice and prices can be eye-watering.  Shopping for wedding dresses can soon become a little disheartening – as reality doesn’t meet expectation!   That’s why you really need to come and see us at Wedding Dresses Manchester! From as little as a £100 deposit your dream dress is within reach. You can even bring us a photograph of your perfect dress, and then take a waltz round our boutique.

If we can’t help you get the perfect wedding dress no-one can!

Designer wedding dresses can be extremely expensive and outside budget for most brides.  At Wedding Dresses Manchester (Victoria Rogerson Wedding Dresses) we don’t want the dress of your dreams to become a ‘make do’ decision, based on affordability. That’s not how we want your dream to end, and we’re sure you don’t either. Take a look around the website – it’s a taster. In store we have so much more to offer and literally the skies the limit on your dream dress.

Get in touch, keep your dreams alive

Nothing beats fairy tale wedding,


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